Friday, August 10, 2012

A while back is relative...

I just read the first line of my last blog post - "When I started this blog a while back...", meaning the months (or so) that had passed. I looked at the date, which was in 2010, and thought, it's been a little more than "a while" since I last blogged. Time does fly! I've been around and online, just not blogging. When I started the Tom's Winesense blog, I wasn't nearly as addicted and often sucked into the time consumption sometimes involved with Facebook, etc. Facebook is easy - blogging requires more effort. I'm hoping I can sort of make the transition to the more "demanding" of the form of social media. I have some thoughts floating around and distilling in my mind. I've also tasted and drank a lot of wine since 2010, so I'm not hurting for material. I think I've just hurt my writing skills by the limits of 140 characters or facebook posts of a line or two and a photo. So for now I'm hoping for a couple good, multi-sentence paragraphs, a Top 5 List, maybe a short wine review - and some inspiration. Help me, Ellen Drazen, you're my only hope...

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  1. The best advice I ever got about blogging was just to get the pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keys). I made an effort to have at least one post a week, so I made sure to schedule time to write every Sunday night. I also kept a notepad on my desk for blog ideas throughout the week.

    I loved getting inspiration from reading other blogs. It such a wide genre that following a variety of bloggers can help to think outside the box (or bottle). Check out

    Looking forward to reading about some good wine…I’m back in the land where wine flows from plastic bags inside a box. Not good enough for the wine snob my family has molded me to be!