Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Wines

Here's the notes from a tasting I did at Green Acres Market last night on selecting wines for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

No Rules – Just Suggestions

* Pairing food with wine vs. pairing dinner with wine
Thanksgiving Dinners include more dishes and flavors than your average meal. Find a wine that is versatile.

* Who’s coming to dinner?
Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve) are sometimes the only times a lot of people (including our relatives) drink wine. You might need to have something sweet, light, easy to drink.

* Big/Heavy with Big/Heavy
Big flavored foods call for bigger wines. Turkey isn't usually big, neither is mashed potatoes, etc.

* Light with Light

* Whites – consider acidity
* Reds – consider tannins

* There’s no perfect Thanksgiving dinner wine – serve at least two (or three)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Web Site Wednesday - Local Wine

Local Wine
Here's a nice site to find wine tastings, events, and classes in your area. It's also great for finding events, etc. that are happening in other cities that you might be traveling to or vacationing.
Sign-up for the newsletter and select your city. Tons of other good wine info.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wine Tip(s) Tuesday

Here's some quick and easy ones:
  • Don't sniff the cork - sniff the wine
  • When in doubt - go with Syrah or Zinfandel (not white)
  • At a wine tasting, try all the wines - whites and reds
  • Chill reds a little, light reds a little more
  • Nice wines-drink yourself, special wines-share