Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it

When I started this blog awhile back, I worked for a wine distributor or wholesaler, selling my book of products to retailers and restaurants. I've since made the switch back to the retail side as a wine consultant for the biggest store in Kansas City, MO. So I've switched sides of the counter - now, instead of taking wines around town to be sampled, reps bring wines to us to sample. Some wines we already sell, some are new. They goal reps share is getting these new products on our racks. I've tried from 0 to 26 in a day, usually a couple days, earlier in the week. Only once have I tried this many, but it really was 26 different wines. Our policy is to spit as we taste as to avoid the need for a nap mid-afternoon.

I had a feeling today was going to be a sampling day - and it was - 11 different wines.
Here's a quick summary:
Four wines from Dutton-Goldfield - all very good - the most expensive wines all day, but moderately priced. A chardonnay, 2 pinot noirs, and a zinfandel. All interesting and quite tasty.

Six wines from Georges Duboeuf-the well known French producer. Two of which were from his budget brand Patch Block - sauvingnon blanc and cabernet sauvignon. Both good values.

Probably the most "interesting" wine of the day was "Charles and Charles" Cabernet/ Syrah blend. A collaboration founded in 2008 between Food & Wine Magazine 2009 Winemaker of the year, Charles Smith (K Vintners, Charles Smith Wines) and Charles Bieler (Three Thieves, BIELER Pere et Fils, Sombra mezcal). I like to use "interesting" to not necessarily describe the "best" wine, but one that has a lot going for it as far as taste, packaging, price, uniqueness, etc. And, at around $10.99 retail price, perhaps this last one has a chance of landing a coveted, new shelf spot.

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